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Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Time is the greatest tool for business, spend it for the right customers with Lepide. LepideActive Directory Self Service solution will help you handle swarming helpdesk calls. A recent study has estimated that the IT industry spends around $30 for a helpdesk call. Experts are actively on the look-out for various ways to minimize the cost and meet the target. It is very important to automate non-profit making yet essential tasks, to add more value to the business. This allows IT teams to decentralize tasks such as password reset and account unlock, and also provides an option to authenticate team members to take on these tasks without having to call the IT. So, the benefits of this directory percolates right from the organization to the end user making it as 'ease experienced like never before'.

We give IT teams the power to delegate Active Directory update and password reset to the users

The power to delegate: - it's all preset and you just have to choose and click and that's it! By using this straightforward web based interface, IT teams can assign control of tasks like password resets, profile updates and account lockouts to the end users. Eventually, the end user can delegate the same to the co-workers. This gives a huge relief from errors due to manual handling. So, the result being reduced downtime, more account control and increased employee productivity.

We provide the ability for users to unlock accounts either via GINA/CP or any web enabled device

Unlock accounts from any device: - setting password when you are locked out of your account cannot be simpler than this. This solution completely integrates with GINA/CP, wherein users press 'ctrl+alt+delete' as they would otherwise do to meet with a series of questions or either use a OTP to regain access. Deployment of Gina integration also comes with options - bulk script via GPO or through local direct installation or via an agent that can be automated to deploy from the main console.

We provide an intuitive and powerful dashboard to provide a bird's eye view of activity

Intuitive dashboard: - when you need the aerial perspective of all the accounts, password resets and user delegations, here is the big screen for you with all that you need projected at a single easy to decipher presentation. So, now you can spot the trends of the overall activity in the past seven days. This feature mainly helps to keep abuse and troubles at bay as it is a visual way to keep a check on the active directory identity management.

We'll remind your users when their passwords are due to expire

Password expiration reminder solution: - keeping track of passwords that have expired and getting them reset on time for the IT team is like having to do a baby-sitting when you have loads of other things piled up on your table. Lepide's Active Directory Self Service comes with a user password expiration reminder. This feature comes along with the product or it can be acquired as a separate solution. It also comes integrated with the award winning LepideAuditor suite.

We've designed this with security in mind

Secured and safe:- with Lepide one can be rest assured of data-security as we reconcile to the fact that allowing users to edit their profiles in the Active Directory comes at its own cost. The security system gives you an option to customize what the user can and cannot view/modify. Only the fields you specify can be updated by them. You can integrate your SSL certificate and ensure that the entire process is encrypted with our security feature. While the SSL security is enabled, it subsequently redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. Add-on session expiry feature, keeps an eye on the scenario that is being addressed currently.

We provide authentication through either OTP SMS or challenge/response

Multiple authentication option: - in order to keep the identity management interspersed, there are various options for authentication to choose from. There is the conventional challenge-response system wherein the admin can pre-set a certain number of questions and also the number of characters allowed to answer them which maximizes security. On the other hand, you have the contemporary OTP authentication system, wherein the user is let in by an email or SMS verification process. You just have to wish how you want your users to gain the key in from the main console.

We provide the ability to specify account unlock periods

Specified account lock-out periods: - a protocol that can automatically unlock all the locks at a specified time or a predefined scenario is inevitable for an administrator. This solution equips you with this competence which is easily configurable via the intuitive management console.

We provide bulk enrolment

Bulk enrolment: - you might obviously try to go in for a bulk enrolment as a definite start. To accomplish this, all you need to do is to get a CSV file ready in a challenge-response pattern and upload into the solution. Everything is automatically updated and all the users are notified of their enrolment along with specified instructions for use.

We provide comprehensive audit and enrolment reports straight to your inbox

Comprehensive report generation: - you don't have worry about monitoring user-behavior either, reports are delivered from time to time right into your inbox. The reports will be inclusive of details like enrolment, self-service actions, password resets and anything that you want to know.

We enable end users to authorize co-workers and perform self-service activities

Trackable delegation options: - alongside allowing the users to update information and reset passwords, there is a feature that lets them authorize a colleague within the business to do it for them. A notification is sent to the user whenever a change is made.

We allow users to reset their 3rd party application account passwords

Reset third party application access: - as a step beyond the ordinary, users apart from being able to reset their account passwords, now can also integrate their third party applications and reset their passwords too from the same tool. This feature is currently available for office 365, IBM AS400 and Google apps. You can reset your third party applications by simply resetting your AD account password.