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Lepide Event Log Manager

In a critical event management scenario, you require the right partner to do it with no loss and efficient time control -Lepide'exclusive Event Log Manager saves you from the tedious task of assembling event logs. Based on the event logs you would like to collect, organize, archive and report, Lepide offers a customized, simple and holistic solution. Now you can browse the logs, set realtime alerts for particular events and run umpteen reports or even design a report on your own. This event manager has been engrafted to address the frequent challenges faced by the IT teams with regards to security, systems management and regulatory compliance.

We collect and consolidate logs from multiple sources

Consolidate logs from multiple sources: - No matter where it may be within the network, windows and W3C logs are collected and consolidated in a jiffy. The output is presented to the IT team in such a way that it creates a quick valuable insight. Common errors of log overwriting are eluded and logs are made much more accessible when you are in dire need.

We offer a central repository for log storage

Central repository for log storage: - how do you store them? - we leave no question unanswered for you! The secret behind unimaginably easy accessibility is that the logs thus collected are stored at a central location. By this log integrity is enhanced and the risk of log deletion is avoided. This has proven to be far more efficient than the conventional log storage system.

We provide advanced search and filtering options

Advanced search and filter options: - mining information out of the logs is now at the tip of your fingers with our advanced search and filter feature. You can browse all the logs from the same place before you select from an existing report or create your own one. The log filtering is also made sophisticated as you can key in which endpoints, users, events or computer you need to view. Export these reports to PDF or HTML as you many desire.

We provide real time alerts on critical events

Real time alerts for critical events: - it all sounds great until there is an untoward leakage of information that plays the drop of poison in the food. This is essentially avoided with the real time alerts feature � using which, you can create alerts based on predefined criteria to raise the alarm for a security breach, compliance issue, potential performance or health issue. Alerts are delivered to the console or via any specified email addresses as you may prefer.

We provide detailed reporting for security, systems management and compliance

Detailed reporting systems: - with our 85+ predefined reports, we help you address security and compliance issues no matter what driver you may use, be it a ISO, PCI, SOX, HIPAA or GPG13.