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LepideAuditor Suite

LepideAuditor suite is a comprehensive, compatible and cost effective solution for your prime auditing needs. It features an exclusive automated tool that can trackany changes accurately and effectively at the time the change is happening. It can monitor changes across Active directory, Group Policy, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, File Server and Office 365. One can be rest assured of delivery and time management with Lepide's pre-set tools right from report generation to scheduled report delivery. In reality, this is what you would call as 'auditing automated.

  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Exchange Server
  • SQL Server
  • Sharepoint Server
  • File Servers
  • Office 365

Furthermore, it comes with a unique set of complimentary inbuilt features that make priceless value additions to the very purpose it is designed for. These features support by keeping track of inactive user accounts, alerts users about their passwordsexpire and restore and roll back specific changes made to Active Directory and Group Policy all in a click's time.

The AuditorSuite provides a quick fix for the major show stoppers in auditing and monitoring processes encountered by IT operations managers, system administrators, IT security managers and Audit-cum compliance personnel. It provides a simple yet far-reaching means of answering questions like "who, what, when and where - changes have been made". The user can visualize the audit report in a single log wherein a single change is presented as an intelligible report that is directly sent to a web portal or in a series of exhaustive real time alerts.

  • Granular Reports
  • Real Time Alerting
  • Mobile App
  • Rollback Changes
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Powerful Search
  • Permission Analysis

Granular Reports

There are over 300 pre-set reports formats that have been designed after carefully considering what the user exactly needs while making the report. These reports prove to be useful tools while sorting out system management, security and compliance challenges. The most important challenge is "how soon and how accurately you identify a change" - and this is neatly addressed by LepideAuditor Suite along with query and drill down functionality. This technicality also allows you to preschedule reports that can automatically be delivered to specific email accounts. The imperative specialty of this feature is that - delegating reports to individual users has never been so secure and easy. This assures safety that right users have right access to the right data, so the obvious outcome being - peace of mind. Reports can be viewed in any preferred formats like CSV, PDF or MHT.

Real Time Alerting

Real time alerting - of all things said, tracking "WHEN" things are happening is a herculean task for the IT teams. Relevant decision and timely actions are all dependent on the single question - when. To elucidate this Auditor Suite has two different real time alerts. The first option is that an alert can be offered on a single condition, or a single event. The second option would offer a chance to customize the alert system based on your requirements; a threshold based alert system wherein you define a policy for when you want an alert to be sent. This greatly helps to curb suspicious behaviors within a set environment.

Mobile App

Mobile app - this is a killer. All the things can be done just at the click of your mobile. The LepideAuditorSuite can be accessed as an app in your mobile and is designed to work on iPhone, iPad or any android enabled device. This is the gift of technology that it not only tracks the changes being made to the IT environment but a LIVE-FEED is provided straight to the app. This gives the information whenever it is needed and wherever it is needed.

Rollback Changes

Rollback changes - errors do occur, but real skill is measured by how quickly and efficiently you fix it with minimum possible loss. This is another aspect where Lepide becomes your friend in need. Using the Active directory and Group policy incorporated in the suite you can roll back changes made in no time. Things are restored exactly where it was before the change - inclusive of group memberships, attributes, permissions etc. Perhaps, a simpler way to rollback and restore Active Directory or Group Policy changes.

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard-At times, when the user requires the bird's eye view, Auditor Suite has it all. The unique, interactive dashboard offers a 360-degree projection of the whole scenario. At one shot, the summary of all the changes made is presented. Essentially, the aerial perspective includes details of every change made per administrator,change by source and even change by trend;which helps you detect anomalies very easily. At the lower half of the dashboard, there is the 'piece-de resistance' which is our LIVE FEED feature - user can watch while the changes being made are transmitted as they happen.

Powerful Search

Powerful search-This is yet another feature that extends support while you need to interrogate data. The search feature enables you to shape your own search filters for quick investigation. Adding more, the user is able to save the searches for easy access.We don't think there's a more intuitive or comprehensive search capability anywhere else out there in the market; but we'll let you be the judge of that.

Permission Analysis

Permission analysis - Who does what and when is easily tracked in the auditor suite. Effective permissions currently applied on the audited folders, subfolders and files by relating the NTFS with the share permissions.

History of permission changes within two intervals is also displayed for a detailed understanding. Our solution also displays the changes made in the permissions of files and folders, Active Directory objects and Exchange objects.