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Freshsales is a sales automation solution offering multi-platform capabilities including a native app for iPhone and iPad. Included in the system is a one-click phone; no additional hardware or software is needed to use this feature. Users can send personalized bulk emails from the system, and then monitor who is opening those emails and clicking links. The inbox automatically prioritizes emails from contacts and leads that are waiting for a response.

Freshsales tracks the web pages that prospects are interacting with and then segments contacts based on their behavior. A lead scoring feature ranks leads based on that data and will prioritize those with a higher score over those that require nurturing. The 360 customer view offers full details about customers and prospects, including conversations, touchpoints, appointments, and tasks.

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Effective lead management starts with knowing your leads. A good sales CRM tells you everything you need to know about your lead, from one screen. With Freshsales, get complete details about your customers— conversations, deals (open, won or lost), touchpoints with your company, and the tasks and appointments scheduled with them. Learn how they’ve interacted with your website and your product, using the Activity Timeline.

Lead scoring is a method to rank your leads based on their profile and their engagement level with your company. Using lead scores, you can instantly identify your sales-ready leads and increase your chance of making a sale. Lead scoring surfaces your hottest leads, so you don’t have to spend time digging into your lead list. Spend time instead on follow-ups and spotting leads who require nurturing.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Bulk actions

Quickly send emails, assign leads, update a field, merge and delete records in bulk.

Role-based access

Define and manage user permission and data access in Freshsales.

Smartforms (web-to-lead)

Capture website visitors as leads directly into Freshsales once they complete a webform.


Autocapture leads from webforms, enrich profiles, assign reps, and log calls & emails.p>

Custom views

Filter and sort records. Save and access them whenever you want.

Smart fields

Connect with the right set of prospects using "last contacted" and "last seen" date.p>

A clogged sales pipeline is often the result of stagnant deals across multiple stages. What's the solution? A sales CRM that helps you visualize your pipeline and modify it according to your sales process. Freshsales CRM gives you complete visibility across all stages. Quickly see how many deals are in each stage, sort and filter by their expected close date, and make smart decisions to move deals up the sales ladder. Let your sales CRM focus on deal management, while you focus on selling.

Easily move deals up the sales pipeline by dragging and dropping a deal into any stage. You can break away to perform a quick filter (say by Expected Close Date), and return to dragging and dropping deals. Use your sales CRM to keep your pipeline clean and dynamic.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Deal funnel view

Easily switch between the list or the funnel view -- your choice.

Filter and sort deals

Filter deals by potential value and expected close date so nothing falls through the cracks.

Lost deal analysis

Understand the reason why you’re losing deals and tackle the problem effectively.

Customize sales process

Make fields like Company Name optional. Bring contacts from multiple companies into a single deal.

Pipeline dashboard

Know where each deal is in your pipeline and what needs to be done to move them forward.

Identify bottlenecks

Visually track the progress of deals. Identify bottlenecks and address them.

Plan smart, relevant conversations with prospects by knowing the web pages that piqued their interest and their interactions with your app.

Simplify event tracking by giving your sales team a chronological timeline view into every customer's engagement with your business.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Email tracking

Measure key email metrics like open rate and click-through rate.

Open and click notifications

Get real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks and new emails. Connect at the right time.

Smart fields

Segment prospects using smart fields such as "last contacted" and "last seen" date.

Segment integration

Easily push your leads' and contacts' website and in-app events into Freshsales.

Auto profile enrichment

Automatically enrich profiles with invaluable social profile information and photo.

Smartforms (Web-to-lead)

Capture website visitors as leads directly into Freshsales once they fill out a webform.

Are you juggling between a phone software and CRM to call your customers? Start making calls from within your sales CRM, using our built-in phone. No extra software or hardware installation cost. No setup charges. No wasted time on dialing phone numbers. Just click the phone number to place calls directly from Freshsales.

View all your phone and email conversations in your sales CRM. Make a call back, add notes, schedule tasks, make appointments, and add anonymous phone numbers as a new lead or contact in Freshsales.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Forward call

Choose to take calls from your desk or forward them to your mobile.

Call history

Call back, add notes, schedule tasks and appointments from your call log history.

Know who is calling

Be prepared before taking calls. Know who’s calling. Look up their details. Plan your pitch.

Record calls

Follow up conversations by listening to audio recording of your previous phone calls.

Tasks & Appointments

Set follow-up tasks and appointments right after a phone call.

Smart fields

Segment prospects using smart fields such as "last contacted" and "last seen" date.

Pay for the minutes

Get all phone features from the free plan. Buy a number and pay only for the calls.

Monitor your sales progress visually without any complex setups. Understand your sales results instantly with elegant, graphical tables and charts.

Pull out revenue metrics from your Freshsales database by source, sales rep, territory, and more. Pinpoint the campaigns that work and the ones that don’t. Identify star performers on your team, and see which territories are leading sales.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Share/export reports

Choose to share reports with your team or make it private.

Territory reports

Know which territories are meeting targets and which ones have potential business opportunities.

Pipeline reports

Track the progress of each deal. Identify bottlenecks & work towards addressing them.

Out-of-box reporting

Trying to figure out how to create a report? Use our custom templates to start creating reports.

Report scheduling

Schedule reports for daily, weekly or monthly updates. Pick a time, select any timezone, set recipients, and send a personalized message for each report.

Email metrics

Using open/click metrics, identify which email templates are a hit and which ones to discard.

Everything you need to know about your leads, contacts, accounts and deals is just a tap away.

Find out everything about your prospects -- right from their details to their activities on your website, in-app and email.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Stay connected

Call or send emails to your customers from your mobile.


Quick search records by leads, contacts, accounts and deals.


Sort records by Lead Score, Value, Stage and more.

Access views

Access your saved custom views even from the mobile apps.

Get directions

Instantly get the directions to your customer’s location.

Quick actions

Add deals and notes for contacts on the go.

The Freshsales-Freshdesk integration brings your sales CRM and helpdesk together.

View your support tickets, their details and the email conversations with agents, all from within Freshsales. Feel the pulse of your customers—whether they are likely to upgrade, renew or make a purchase—and plan your sales conversations accordingly.

Change the ticket status, assign tickets, create tickets and update any field property from Freshsales. Add notes to keep your support team in sync with the latest happenings.

The Freshsales-Google Calendar integration syncs your appointments between your sales CRM and your Google account.

Don't juggle between your calendar and Freshsales. Set up meetings using either app, and let the 2-way sync do the rest.

Schedule meetings and demos from Google Calendar on the go. Find the appointments synced and linked to the appropriate record in Freshsales.

The Freshsales-MailChimp integration syncs leads and contacts between your sales CRM and MailChimp. With a consistent, segmented mailing list, unify your email campaigns across sales and marketing.