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Customer Support Software

Freshdesk is a SaaS customer support software that offers everything a business needs to deliver exceptional support. Built with an emphasis on usability, Freshdesk is completely customizable and offers all the tools a company needs to wow its customers - robust multichannel capability, integrated game mechanics to supercharge agent productivity, smart automation and a lot more.

  • Ticketing
  • Multi Channel
  • Productivity
  • Self Service
  • Global Support
  • Security
  • Reporting
  • Integration

Make Sure Every Issue Gets Resolved With Powerful Ticketing

Set, manage, and meet customer expectations by setting up service level agreements (SLAs) for support. With Freshdesk, you can define ticket priorities and requirements for resolution times so your agents know exactly which issues to address first and how quickly the customer expects a response. Every ticket in Freshdesk follows your SLA policy and the ‘due by’ time is driven by their priority. And when a ticket becomes overdue, your helpdesk will make sure that the agent is notified of it.

You can also define your own business hours so that your customers know when to expect support, and your SLAs know when you're off. So, no matter how crowded your support inbox is, critical customer requests won’t get lost.

Carry your support desk with you wherever you go, with the free Freshdesk iPhone and Android apps. Reply to tickets, add notes and perform bulk actions on tickets even as you're taking a walk down the street or waiting for your order to arrive at a restaurant. All that and more, completely free.

Freshdesk also has a mobile-ready web-based version that can be used to access your helpdesk from the browser on any device.

Manage All Your Support Conversations In One Place

Forget upfront costs or hardware installations. Freshdesk lets you set up a dedicated call center on the cloud instantly. Just purchase a phone number of your choice, starting at $1/month, and get everything else including automatic call recording, converting calls to tickets, IVR support, call monitoring, call barging, call conferencing, call masking, agent transfers, and many more. This also means that you can get to support your local hotline in multiple countries, and make or receive calls from pretty much anywhere in the world. And if your agents need their calls forwarded to their mobile, that works too.

Assist visitors on your website and support portal right when they need help. Freshdesk's integrated live chat solution lets you put a chat box anywhere you want to enable real-time conversations with customers. You can even start engaging with them proactively even before they say a word. All of your chat conversations get archived automatically and can be converted into new tickets so that you don’t forget to follow up on a customer request.

Increase Your Team’s Engagement And Productivity

No matter how much your support reps love helping customers, doing the same things again and again can get boring quickly. Freshdesk adds excitement and competition to your agents' jobs by bringing in game mechanics to your helpdesk. With the Freshdesk Arcade, every ticket becomes a chance to score more points as your agents compete with the rest of the team to win trophies and badges. Your employees get to have fun helping customers, your help desk becomes more productive, and your customers get serviced by happy reps. Everybody wins. You can also leverage Arcade to focus your agents on specific quests to solve specific problems. Improve your KPIs and keep your team motivated all at the same time, with Freshdesk Arcade.

Create A Self-service Experience That Supports Your Brand

With Freshdesk, you can help your customers get instant answers by creating a knowledge base that is available whenever they need it. Share your technical documentation, product tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and other tips in a single convenient place. By setting up a knowledge base, not only will you be able to improve customer satisfaction, but you can also reduce your ticket volume.

In addition, when customers do create a ticket, Freshdesk will also automatically display likely solutions right next to the ticket form, further improving the resolution time and reducing the number of tickets.

All the articles in your knowledge base can be edited with complete rich text formatting, and can even include custom CSS, HTML, Javascript or even better, animated GIFs. You can even optimize it for search engines, making your articles available everywhere.

Global Support

One Helpdesk. All Across The Globe

Multiple SLA Policies

Set up multiple SLA policies for different requesters in your helpdesk by having different SLA rules for every product, department, or company you support. You now have an SLA policy for every occasion.

Multiple SLA Policies

Regardless of whether they're in Chicago or Bangalore or tucked away in the countryside, your agents can now schedule their work hours by their local clocks, even if your helpdesk is primarily based in Berlin.

Multiple business hours

With Freshdesk, you can set business hours for each team, based on shift or location. This way, finance gets to stop at 5, priority support can work all night, and your team in Canada can take off Thanksgiving in October.

Focus On Delivering Great Support While We Take Care Of Your Helpdesk Custom SSL Certificates

Every Freshdesk account comes with a wildcard SSL certificate that gets enabled automatically, for your default support URL, when you sign up. If you prefer to use your custom domain or a vanity URL for your portal, you can make it secure by using an SSL certificate. To make it easy, you can request an SSL certificate and have us enable it for your portal for you.

Know Answers To All Your Critical Questions

You can monitor your helpdesk and stay on top of everything that’s happening right from your personalized Dashboard. With Snapshots, you will see data that is relevant and useful to you, giving you your immediate actionable insights. You can know which group has the most pending requests, what channels are drawing the most traffic, which customers are likely to be dissatisfied, all at a single glance. You can also track team activity and keep tabs on individual agent performance from here.

Want to bring your team in on the action? Your agents have their own view into the helpdesk where they can get a rundown of what is on their plate for the day including ticket backlog, and also track customer sentiment.

Extend Your Support Capabilities With Apps

Some companies have some specific custom requirements to support their businesses. If you need custom development on top of Freshdesk, our RESTful API could be the perfect way for you to set up specific business workflows and extensive integrations. You can use your account’s API key to read information from your tickets and contacts or trigger actions in your helpdesk from any third-party source. If you know your way around API requests, the possibilities are endless.

If you get stuck somewhere, all you have to do is shoot us an email. Our API developers will be more than happy to jump in and help you figure out a solution.